Saturday, 31 December 2011

To be continued...

I'm writing this year's final edition of the blog from Ireland. Not a location that was on our original (albeit vague) trip plan!
Just as we started the Annapurna Circuit we had some trip-altering news from home; Karl's mum had fallen over and broken both arms. As soon as the text came in we knew we'd be coming home, but were at least able to complete our trek around Annapurna before flying back to the UK.
Muriel is doing well and her fractures are healing, but we don't yet have a date for our return overseas.
On the positive side our unexpected return has provided an opportunity to see family and catch up with friends, to enjoy Christmas and satisfy some of those food cravings- we've barely left the kitchen since we got back!
Happy New Year to all readers, and watch this space for our adventures in 2012!

Christmas baking
By the sea in Southport- not quite Goa!
On the beach on Boxing Day

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